Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Obligatory Turkey Craft

Our Thanksgiving Song
Happy Thanksgiving,
I'm happy to be me.
Turkey, turkey, turkey,
Starts with T!
 Note: Miss Kendra doesn't like googly eyes. She much prefers we make own eyes out of paper so our creatures are infused with unique personalities. We used googly eyes today because we happened to find a bunch in a desk and wanted to use them up.

The Best Bhings in Bife are Bimple

We have learned that the most effective lessons, especially in phonics, are very simple. We wrapped up our study of the letter B with an afternoon of play during which we referred to everyone by their B name. Miss Kendra, for example, became Biss Bendra. It worked brilliantly!
We also made these simple B posters. We enjoyed tracing cans to make the circles (a little green circle is glued on top of the big yellow circle so we don't have to cut out a hole, which is hard.) As you can see, broom, bus, boat, bear, bee, and bird are our vocabulary words beginning with B.

Running for Hope

The Green Group participated in this year's Terry Fox Run!

We watched footage of Terry Fox running in the original Marathon of Hope. We drew pictures of ourselves wearing T-shirts just like his:

Our school and JBS High School came together for the run. We made hundreds of dollars to combat cancer and we ran a LOT. Some children in our class circumnavigated the field nine times! Miss Kendra was very proud of our dedication and conduct.