Wednesday, September 19, 2012

With Me and You and My Dog Blue / We Can Do An-y-thing that We Wanna Do!

Because the two groups of Kindergarteners come every second day, Monday and Tuesday are alike and Thursday and Friday are alike. Wednesdays, though, are very special. Wednesdays are Blue's Clues days! We do games and art in the morning and then, to the childrens' surprise, watch an episode of Blue's Clues in the afternoon in which Steve and Blue do the very same activities.

Here, for example, is the school bus we built as a class:

And here is Steve driving his cardboard bus:

The best part of the day was making self-portraits. We used paint to make our faces, legs, and arms. We coloured our clothes with crayons:
The students learned to put just the tiniest little bit of paint on their brushes. Miss Kendra was very impressed how well they listened to that instruction.

Steve painted a self-portrait, too!

Blue's Clues is the best researched, most interactive educational television programme ever screened for Kindergarteners. The class was so excited to yell at the screen whenever they saw "A clue! A clue!"

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  1. Paprika is my favorite Blue's Clues character :)